Plight of the starving

Source : Diário de Notícias 2/11/2007

The editorial page of the D de N talks about the number of people in Funchal lacking sufficient food, and the effect this has on the individuals and society, and the issue of poverty generally within the region.

I don’t go to Funchal too often if I can help it, but when I do it’s a sad sight to see old women or anybody else on the streets, either begging for money or just hoping someone will throw them a coin.

Whilst the kindness of people and the work of charities is essential to manage the problem in the short term, it’s a disgrace that in a European city like Funchal such a situation exists, and that there is such a huge gap between the extremely rich and the poverty of others.

And that’s with little mention of those tucked away in other corners of the island who are not only hungry, but go day to day unnoticed by the majority of the population and madeira’s visitors, with little chance of any third party help.

The present bunch has governed Madeira for many years, always finding money to spend on white elephants and publicity stunts, and rarely addressing the long term issues of human necessities. Shame on you!

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