Madeira Condemned!

Source : Nagional Geographic Magazine Nov / Dec 2007

National Geographic Magazine is a prestigious publication (you know, the one that you always find in the dentists waiting room) and when they publish something, then it is normal to give it plenty of credibility.

They have done an analysis of the world’s top islands, using 522 experts to rank and score many different factors, and come up with a list. Top comes the Faroe Islands with 87 points (obviously they didn’t take into account their football team), followed next by The Azores! (84 points)

Madeira Islands, Portugal (69th position)

Score: 61


“Despite a reputation for high-quality tourism, beautiful and diverse gardens, and walking in beautiful scenery, Madeira has suffered from mass-market hotel development spreading out from Funchal.”

“Most of this Atlantic treasure seems relatively undisturbed by the tourism influx that has eaten up the coastline surrounding the capital city of Funchal.”

“My favorite, full of flowers and pure nature. Wandering along the old water canals is fascinating. The nature is marvelous and very special. Religious events and churches invite visitors. Local market area is attractive, and fado music charms me. The negative features are high hotels that do not fit into the landscape and are too dominant in a townscape.”

See the complete survey here:….

Here, here! Whilst downgrading the whole island due to the concrete jungle aka Funchal seems somewhat harsh, you have to wonder which idiots gave planning consent for so many tall buildings in so little space, and whether backhanders were involved when its comes to the ‘west end’.




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