Lets blame global warming …

No major stories in todays press, but still plenty of aftermath about the big rock fall in Câmara de Lobos last week. Did you see the size of those rocks?!?

Well that seems to have started a bit of a panic, with the whole island now in danger of collapsing into the sea. I saw a map in yesterdays paper, with a number of red bits and tags. Unfortunately my head wasn’t switched to translation mode, owing to the effects of two large glasses of this years new red wine, but I did notice that the town where I live there was a big big red tag. But we already had a big rock collapse 2 years ago, when half a mountain slipped into the harbour. Surely it can’t be our turn again!

Anyway, in todays paper there an interview with a man who has his house precariously perched on the top of a wobbly looking cliff, somewhat concerned as to when its come to come down.

Other weird happenings stories of the day are :

CaboTV now has 88,000 homes ‘wired up’  … they sting me for nearly €60 a month (including internet) so lets see … if TV costs about €20 a month for the basic package, that’s comes to €1.8m per month, or 21 million eurobucks a year, and that’s leaving out the premium channels, the internet, and their new phone service. Not bad work if you can get it … it’s nice to be a monopoly!

Anyone tried that new TV company on Madeira yet ? (There’s a blog about it a few weeks back)

Apparently, if you buy vegetables at the various Sunday markets, you will pay 25% less than you used to … I wish someone would tell them at Sã-doce-modelo, their veg just seems to go up and up. I am even eating the potato peelings now in an effort to save on our weekly shopping bills.

There was one more story, but I seem to have lost it, about the rise in the numbers of twins / multiple births in Portugal increasing by 70%, I think it was in about the last 10 years. Now that has to be global warming, even the the collapsing island and potato prices aren’t!


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