Whoops! Sorry, we forgot to tell the locals …

Source : Diário de Noticias 29/10/07

Whoops! Sorry, we forgot to tell the locals …

Or was it not as ‘low cost’ as we were led to believe?

Whilst its not reported whether or not TAP and BA are enjoying ‘business as usual’, it appears that the new low cost flights bringing masses of ‘new blood’ to Madeira failed to catch the attention of the locals, as they returned without too much human cargo.

The new flights to Madeira (five in total), come from Dublin, Bristol, Copenhagan, London Stanstead, and Edinburgh.

Air Lingus arrived on Saturday, Easyjet had two flights in yesterday, and ‘Sterling’ one. 

Only around 130 passengers left on the four flights out of Madeira.

The first Easyjet flight arrived with 156 passengers and left with only 13 people (whether this includes the flight crew is unclear at this stage).

The second flight (London) arrived full and left with barely 90.

The ‘Sterling’ flight from Copenhagen brought 180 and left EMPTY! (so how did they manage to fly it back?)

The ‘Aer Lingus’ flight arrived pretty full, around 170, but returned to Dublin with just twenty something passengers. 

Still the good news is … next week they hope to have some tourists to take back


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