The Portuguese are distrustful people?

Díario de Notícias 26-10-2007

The Portugueses are the most distrustful people of Western Europe occupying 25th position amongst 26 countries, a recent European study shows. It measured the strength of distrust and the lack of patriotism of the different people who took part in the census. 

This absence of confidence affects the economy and  society in general in all of the countries, the study concluded.

The Portugueses are, on average, the most distrustful Europeans, ahead of the French.  Only Turkey managed to spare Portugal the worst position.

In the other end of the scale, Swedes and Danes trust most in the other people and in its institutions. 

I am rather surprised at this, as being a foreigner, I would expect to be trusted slightly less by the locals, but I have no experience of this. Perhaps it’s just a mainland thing?


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