Taxi Fares – Smoke & Mirrors?

The paragraph at the bottom was taken from the official tourism site of Madeira, yet in the Díario de Noticías (3rd October) there was an article about taxi fares rising from €0.40 per kilometre to €0.42 from the new year (sooner in mainland). It also said that waiting time charges would rise from €10.24 to €11.99 per hour.

As an expat, none of these prices seem at all familiar, but can anyone explain the differences in the rates from the two sources?

The tourist board,  5 weeks after me asking, referred me to AITRAM, but I have not yet received a reply to a number of questions for an article to go in Does anyone know of a website or other source where we can clear up some of the taxi myths? Thanks.

Taxis are available at Madeira and Porto Santo airports and the main hotels, and there are taxi ranks in a number of streets and squares in Funchal and Vila Baleira. The normal drop rate is EUR 1.70. On working days between 10 p.m. and 7 a .m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays the drop rate is EUR 2.00. An amount of no more than 50% is charged for any luggage over 30 kg , to be agreed on in advance.

In other municipalities, taxis are marked with the letter A and have no meters. The price per kilometre is EUR 0.51, and there is a minimum charge.

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