Murder on Madeira !

Source : Diário de Notícias 28/10/07

It is reported today that over a period stretching from 1997 to October 2007, 119 murders were committed on Madeira, pretty much one a month. A similar level to that found in Porto or Coimbra.

Many of the cases investigated were the result of alchool induced bar fights, which were not normally premeditated, but often involved people who were prone to quarrels and disputes.

The second cause cited, is domestic violence, more usually committed by males, whilst the third is the result of fights between neighbours or families, often related to matters of inheritance, boundary disputes, and rights to water (which is probably a problem fairly exclusive to Madeira).

Very few murders involved firearms, and in most case the deaths were due to a severe beating, or through use of weapons ‘to hand’ such as sticks and stones, with a few garden tools thrown in.

I was somewhat surprised to read these statistics, but having delved through the detailed facts, one should take comfort in the fact that these are not gang crimes, street crimes, or gun crimes, are rarely premeditated, and are very unlikely to affect safety on the street during the day or at night.

Compared to some big cities, I suppose these statistics are pretty insignificant.

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