Easyjet to take over GB Airways (who fly Gatwick to Madeira for British Airways)

Source : BBC 25/10/2007

Given that in the next few days Easyjet will begin 10 weekly flights to Madeira from Bristol and Stanstead airports in the UK, its an interesting development that now Easyjet have agreed to buy GB Airways, who currently operate the flights between Gatwick and Madeira (under a franchise agreement with British Airways). The franchise will finish in March 2008.

“BA said that the deal between GB Airways and Easyjet was expected to be completed within eight weeks.

During this period flights, will operate as normal. When the deal is completed, passengers can either rebook on Easyjet or will be entitled to a full refund.”

So does that mean that BA will retain the Gatwick – Madeira route using its own fleet, or that that route will be taken on by Easyjet. I think the latter is unlikely, but if you have a ticket booked, you probably need to check.


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  1. I have flights booked with BA in June next year and I have been sent an email saying flights before 30 march 2008 remain the same but if you are booked to travel after that date" you will be contacted with details of your new flight once easyJet's purchase of GB Airways is complete in the next eight weeks"


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