Competition for CaboTV !

Source – Diário de Notícias 20th October, 2007

This doesn’t seem finalised yet, but it seems that CaboTV is about to lose its monopoly on TV services for Madeira.

A company called  TVTEL is set to compete with the existing service with a promotional offer of  7.95 euros for 45 channels (for the first 5,000 customers), after which the normal price will be 12.90 euros per month.

You may see this offer before around before Christmas, as tests have already been carried out with satisfactory results.  TVTEL will also open some premises for support and equipment installation, but initially the sevice will only be available through satellite, with plans to go to cable sometime in the future.

The start up package will cost 80 euros and include a small satellite dish, a receiver and a card.  With the package purchased is seems the dish may be able to receive upto a total of 300 channels.

‘D de N’ reports that currently CaboTV television offers its packages for between 22.99 euros for 44 channels, and  27.99 euros for 66 channels. 

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