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Welcome to the Madeira News Blog. The only source for up to date news for English speakers who live here or have an interest in Madeira. These guidance notes will help you read and search this blog, so it’s worth spending a few minutes.

We all know that ‘please read’ means boring, but I just want to help you get the most out of this much improved facility, so please bear with me while I explain some things that might help you :

1. Access to this blog – Please bookmark this blog to continue to enjoy easy access, either through adding as a ‘favourite’ on your internet browser, or by creating a shortcut on your computer desktop.

2. Searching – whilst all the old blogs have been put under ‘uncategorized’ all new material, from 5th May 2009, has been designated a label, appropriate to its contents. You can see these in the top left corner. So if you are only interested in sport, click that link, and you will see all the sport news posted since 5th May.

There is also a keyword search box lower down on the right hand side. To use this is easy; Pick the most appropriate keywords for your search, for example cheap imports of pork, and it will bring up the articles containing those keywords. If that is too many to read, try the exact phrase in inverted commas “cheap imports of pork”, and that will narrow down your search results.

3. RSS Feed – For those of you who want to know every time an update is posted here, you might like the ‘RSS Feed’  facility. It is right up in the top right hand corner of this page (in the header), an orange button, with SUBSCRIBE written alongside, in yellow.

Once RSS is set up, one very useful feature is the ability to view all the latest comments and contributions on one page, rather than ploughing through lots of links. Just go to the very bottom of any page, and click on ‘comments’, next to the orange RSS icon.

4. Comments – Each posting by me will have it’s own comments section just below. Click the grey link ‘Comments’ at the bottom of each post, to make a comment or read the comments. A small number in brackets will tell you how many there are. If you REGISTER (top left black button), once you have made your first comment it will need to be checked by me and accepted, and thereafter you will be able to post comments and they will be approved automatically. If you don’t register and make a comment, it will have to be checked by me each time, which could mean some delay, maybe hours. Please register, and I promise your email address will not be given to anyone else.

One advantage of this is that for now, there will be no verification code to be entered. I hope it stays this way, but it depends on the amount of spam postings received.

Don’t forget that absolutely anyone is welcome to use this facility, there are no members or ‘clubs’ . You can comment at the end of each news posting, or if you just fancy some general chit chat, or want to ask a question, or want to pass on some information, or tell people about an event, the comments section with the daily photo is the best place. If you have something longer and informative that merits a ‘post’ of it’s own please email to [email protected]

IMPORTANT – News postings will often be made at various point throughout the day, unlike before when it was just one large post once a day. You can check back during the day, or use the RSS feed, to find new news stories, or just to chat. It is hoped that much of the news will be posted the same day as it is in the media, although this is unlikely to happen all of the time.

5. Photos– Please continue to send in your photographs for publication, as long as they are Madeira related. It is now possible to publish several photographs a day, instead of just the one allowed on the previous blog. Although topical subjects (ie. festivals) will jump the queue and get published whilst they are still ‘fresh’, others will be published roughly ordered by the date received. It is also possible to include videos, music, and other media forms, so please send any material in. Please don’t send in any copyrighted material. Please send visual material as email attachments to [email protected], or if you have a website with the material published let me know the address and details, and I can extract direct from there.

6. Donations – Most readers will already know that this blog is supported nearly totally through blog reader’s  generosity. A PayPal button is provided on the right hand side of this page for your convenience. Or, if you prefer, you can email [email protected] for further information on other ways to donate (in € or £).  Also, sponsorship, advertising revenue and commissions help fund the blog. Please use the links and advertisments on this page to help provide funding.

7. Feedback & Suggestions – We hope you don’t have any technical problems with this website, but if you do please email, or put them in the comments attached to the daily photo. They will be read and acted upon to resolve any problem. In the same spirit, we want everyone to feel at home when visiting us, and if there are any improvements you think we could make, please let us know. Please bear in mind that this is not a commercial operation though, just one person with very limited funding, and a bit of technical support.

8. Reader Contributions – Information provided on this blog / website is what is taken from the daily news and any other source possible. Information provided by readers is very important, and shared knowledge and contributions are what keeps us all informed of the real Madeira, and what she has to offer. The comments facility with the ‘Chit-Chat & Daily Photo …’ section is ideal for this, or if it’s a longer contribution it can be emailed to [email protected] … thank you!

Thanks for reading this, and hope you enjoy this blog and future news. Der

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