Easyjet Flights

Source : Diário de Notícias 17/9/2007

I guess in part its old news now, but yesterday afternoon those fine people from Easyjet signed the necessary documents to allow the commencement of flights from the UK to Madeira at the end of next month. The deal is as follows:

1. Daily return flights from London Stanstead to Madeira, from the end of october this year.

2. 3 Return flights per week from Bristol International Airport, again from the end of October this year.

3. A third service to commence sometime next year, and although the final decision has not yet been made, is seems that a service between Madeira and Madrid is favourite

4. Easyjet will receive subsidies for 4 years for the Bristol & Stanstead flights, which will be funded from several sources, the Madeiran Department  of Tourism being one. Those subsides will start at over €10 per passenger in year one, decreasing slowly to over €7 in the final year. The 3rd service will not receive any subsidies.

Its expected that the new services will bring around 150,000 visitors to the island each year …. do the maths!


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