Internet worship, Car Parking, & odds 'n ends …

Source : Diário de Noticias 30/12/2007

Apparently you don’t need to go to church these days to worship your God, as doing it through the internet seems to be perfectly acceptable. It seems there are various websites and bits of software that have been developed to help you do this with Mass by ............ more

A mixed bag of goodies

Carrying on from yesterdays Queen Victoria blog theme, the cruise ship ‘The World’ arrived yesterday. It is the first of the 12 cruise ships expected to arrive before Monday nights extravaganza. Big deal … I hear you say?

No, you want more? It was built in the year of 2002 at a cost ............ more

Queen Vic in Madeira … or is it?

The Cunard cuise and shipping company launched it’s newest member on the 7th December 2007, and is now on its second voyage. It arrived in Funchal yesterday, from Malaga, having set sail from Southampton the previous Friday. It is now on it’s way to Lanzarote.

I cut ‘n pasted some ............ more

Talking Rubbish?

Source :  Diário de Notícias 28/12/2007

If you have children that go to school here then you will need to be aware that there is a new law governing what weights they can carry to and from school. Clearly for health reasons, and probably not such a bad idea, the limits depend on the cycle / ............ more

Xmas Sales and Winter 'Sales'

Source : Diário de Notícias 27-12-2007

Front page news today is the poor sales in the shops over the Christmas period … the worst in 10 years for the shops in Funchal. In the last 15 months it claims that 1,300 jobs have been lost and 10 shops have closed.

Perhaps the people of Madeira have ............ more

New Year Fireworks … The Full Story.

Having gone through the Diário de Notícias this morning, sadly I have to report that there is no newsworthy news on Madeira today. As I last resort, I also read for the first time the Journal da Madeira, the government sponsored newspaper (couldn’t possibly ............ more

Self-Confessed Levada Mugger Exposed!

There was a pretty overwhelming demand to expose the self-confessed Levada Mugger, with only Benedict wanting to spare him, and Osama wanting to recruit him, so here is the picture. It’s not great quality, but you can clearly see here the Levada Mugger (right) with one of his 12 children and ............ more

Part 2. The sensible blog

A second merry xmas wish to anyone who is sat at their computer tonight.

I looked out over the town this morning at around 10.00 … totally lifeless and totally devoid of sound, I think even the church clock was having the morning off … but hang on, there was the earthshattering sounds of ............ more

Xmas weather forecast … and firework winge

I am a sort of ‘sat on the fence’ xmas person, and take each year as it comes, only deciding whether it was a good celebration once it has passed, and every year on Madeira so far I have enjoyed the xmas (albeit it’s only been 3 times so far) except for ............ more

Car Tax and other ramblings

Officially the first day of winter today and of course the shortest day, and one of those calendar milestones I look forward to passing asap. Hopefully the next one will whiz by, being the changing of the clocks in March. Been a bit of a mucky week weatherwise, and I feel ............ more

Levada Muggings?

Not much of exitement in todays press, so will keep it short today.

Its seems that over Christmas pork will be the preferred choice of meat for many Madeirans. Pork is growing in popularity, purely because it is somewhat cheaper than the other meats and poultry.

Suzette Stein of SPAD (animal protection) ............ more

Odd's 'n ends

Only got back from the UK trip on Monday, but the weather seemed a little crazy here for a couple of days. Whereas the UK bad weather spreads itself out to make life miserable for everyone all of the time, here we get a months worth of UK rainfall in about 10 minutes. Still it’s good to get ............ more

Madeira prices on the up (and up, and up …)

Source : Diário de Notícias 18/12/2007

Front page of the D de N today starts a long list of things that are going to rise in price on Madeira next year.

Starting with public transport (buses), with an estimated  4% rise in prices expected (pretty commendable really with oil barrel prices up so ............ more

Madeira guide books … a not to be missed new series!

WE ARE BACK! Thank god!

No more incessant rain and freezing temperatures, no more picking up the newspaper with day after day of pages full of crime and bad news, no more of ‘rip-off’ Britain and its unbelievably high cost of living, no more … … well until next time at least!

 ............ more

Smoking Conclusions

Well, at last, after 2 weeks of extensive and draining study on the impacts of the smoking ban which came into force in England in July 2007, we are ready to conclude that exercise and predict how the smoking ban will affect Madeira when it comes into force on 1st January 2008.

As previously reported, ............ more

Immigration & emigration

UK Daily Mail 11/12/2007 – It is reported that over the last 10 years that 1.7 million new UK jobs had been created, with a staggering 81% of those positions filled by immigrants (yes really!)

Yesterday we asked our contact in the Madeira Government how their record ............ more

Christmas Shopping on Madeira

Christmas shopping hasn’t yet arrived on Madeira, according to Sunday’s Diario de Noticias. Everything is left until ‘the final hour’, as is normal for the Madeiran’s, and probably for many nations (and for all the men that I know). This is the conclusion after the newspaper ............ more

Drink prices Madeira / UK

After nearly 2 weeks on the road, it’s about time to talk about prices in the UK, compared to you lucky guys enjoying Madeira’s low low prices. A pint of beer here costs anything between €3.50 and €4.50, and I guess equates to well less than two of those balloon glasses that the Coral ............ more

Madeira & UK News


The law and order authorities in the UK are considering a proposal where the decision on whether to imprison a criminal or not, will depend on the availability of a prison cell. Could be handy if you work for the Home Office, as when all the spaces are full you ............ more

Blog on the road part 8 … Madeira Weather Warning!

Having spend the weekend in two places well out of town, and having the backache to prove it after 3 different beds in 3 nights, your blog team managed to gain an insight into the changes in country pub life since the smoking ban came into force in England last July.

This time we were in villages called ............ more

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