Is over-tourism happening in Madeira?

According to Eduado Jesus the island is not suffering from the problem but, if you look around social media sites you may think otherwise. There is little doubt that tourist … Read more

Fancy a coffee?

Portuguese coffee is delicious and has a number of associated names. Do you know your bicas from your galãos? Your chinesas from your garotos?

Fancy a coffee? 2

Peter Groen, an old friend of … Read more

Peter’s funeral

Peter Marsland ‘s funeral will take place at 12 noon on Thursday 18th July in the church in São Martinho.

As a mark of respect there will be no posts … Read more

Sad announcement

I am sad to report that Peter Marsland, the owner and creator of this blog, lost his fight with cancer this morning.

My deepest condolences to his wife and family.… Read more

Contributors welcome

Do you live on the island? Do you feel you could contribute to the blog? Items about what is happening on the island or your local area welcomed. Reviews of … Read more

Selvagens waters may be opened for fishing

Selvagens waters may be opened for fishing 8

President of the Government clarifies that the possibility of permitting tuna fishing in Selvagens has not yet been decided.

Chega(political party) wants this to be a reality, having made public … Read more

Ukrainians hold a vigil in front of the Cathedral

Ukrainians hold a vigil in front of the Cathedral 11

Yesterday, at 7:30 pm, the Ukrainian community in Madeira gathered, in front of the Funchal Cathedral, “to draw attention to the mass bombings, in particular the attack on the Ohmatdit … Read more

Choupana Hills Hotel Regeneration

Choupana Hills Hotel Regeneration 15

During the terrible fires of August 2016 the Choupana Hills Hotel was destroyed. ‘Openbook Studio’ are a firm of architects who are responsible for the regeneration of the hotel.

Prior … Read more

Poor conduct by some posters

On July 4th in the post about the boom in holidaymakers to Porto Santo I asked for everyone to please be respectful to one and other. Sadly, there is still … Read more

Vandalism on Machico Beach

Vandalism on Machico Beach 22

Machico Beach was the target of vandalism, with the destruction of the signs that exist in that area, the broken remains of which were scattered across the sand.

The scenario … Read more

Madeira logo removed from Praça do Povo for maintenance

Madeira logo removed from Praça do Povo for maintenance 25

The Madeira brand logo, installed in Praça do Povo, in Funchal, will be removed tomorrow, “for maintenance purposes”, the Regional Secretariat for Economy, Tourism and Culture announced today. The 10 … Read more

Binter to maintain air bridge.

Binter to maintain air bridge. 28

The regional secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court to continue the air connection between the islands of Porto Santo and … Read more

Ronaldo confirms his retirement

Ronaldo confirms his retirement 32

The Portugal star is at his sixth European Championship and 11th major tournament, winning the Euros once in 2016. 

On Monday night he broke down in tears after seeing Slovenia … Read more

Lynx cat found in Funchal house

Lynx cat found in Funchal house 34

It has been confirmed that the animal is not one of the wild breeds that are protected or from any breed that is on the verge of extinction. This type … Read more

Porto Santo benefits from holidaymaker boom

Between May and October, hotel occupancy on the golden island will remain at 100%. The announcement comes from Nuno Batista, mayor of Porto Santo, who values ​​the strong influx of … Read more

Special announcement

This blog started fourteen years ago as one of the very earliest “home grown” websites and developed quickly to become the biggest on this remarkable small island, a dominant position … Read more

Santana upholds UNESCO Biosphere Award

Santana, which was awarded the UNESCO Biosphere Award iin 20111

JM leads today with the headline that the Municipality of Santana has guaranteed that it will continue to value the Biosphere Reserve award, awarded by UNESCO in 2011. But, at … Read more

Italy kicks-off Atlantic Fireworks display

Italy kicks-off Atlantic Fireworks display 43

The first “pyromusical” show of the Atlantic Festival took place yesterday. Starting at 10:30 pm, Italy was the first to light up the skies of Funchal and inaugurate the event … Read more

Elections bring instability

Elections bring instability 47

Various sources report that the “Right” won yesterday’s elections in Madeira but they don’t understand each other. The Left was defeated but admitted its willingness to govern. The PSD won … Read more

Telephone boxes reach the end of the line

Telephone boxes reach the end of the line 50

This is the news that makes today’s headline in the JM, on a front page that highlights telephone booths on the verge of ending. There are fewer and fewer public … Read more

Another weekend of violence

Calhau da Lapa

Another weekend of violence 57

The nightlife in Funchal city centre was once again spoiled by scenes of fighting according to JM, some of which were filmed, highlighting the complete dismay of … Read more

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